Betsy Wagenhauser


Before Anthem Church, I did not know what church actually meant.  I mean, I had gone to church my whole life, but it was never personal. That all changed when Austin and I moved down to Columbia.  We moved here for Austin's new job, knowing no one, and when we found Anthem, I didn't know how much it would change my life. 

We lost our daughter Eleanor when I was 8 months pregnant.  It was horrible.  We had made some connections with people at Anthem, but upon the tragedy of losing her that all changed.  Everyone at Anthem came around us and just loved us like we have never been loved before.  People that I hardly even knew were praying for us and caring about us, just completely pouring into our lives.  So many people showed up to Eleanor’s funeral and it really meant a lot.

After losing Eleanor I found myself angry at God and sometimes I still am.  But being a part of this body has helped me through my grief.  I love to sing and worship and at first it was hard to worship God through my pain. But praising Him as part of the worship team has brought me to a closer and sweeter place with my Father than I could ever imagine. I also love being able to help in kids ministry - teaching them and praying over them that they would find a personal relationship with God.

What is crazy is that through all of this, I'm only catching a small glimpse of how much God loves us, loves me.  The people of Anthem Church have shown me the love that God has for me and will always have for me.  I am finally seeing how much I am worth and how much God cares about me.  This is what Anthem has meant to me.  No matter what happens in my life or how bad life seems, God always loves me and is always there for me.  I cannot thank God enough for how He has used Anthem in my life.  God and this church have forever changed me.

Psalms 136:26

Give thanks to the God of heaven, for His steadfast love endures forever.